Lorient Agglomération

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Lorient Agglomeration has been a partner since the first expedition from Lorient, Tara‘s home port, in July 2006!

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Lorient Agglomeration is the third urban district of Brittany with a total of 207,000 inhabitants in 25 municipalities. Over 20 diverse fields of expertise are present including environment, economic development, transportation, housing, water and waste management, etc.

This maritime territory, which concentrates technical and scientific know-how related to the sea, fishing and offshore racing naturally became Tara’s home port. The schooner sails on all the world’s oceans, but it’s Lorient where she stops for maintenance.

For Tara, the adventure continues and likewise for Lorient, her home port. This adventure allows everyone to rediscover the particularities of the Ocean and assess the environmental issues which are also part of our daily lives. For all of you, as part of the Lorient Agglomeration, Tara carries the values of sustainable development and is a beautiful example of our actions.

Norbert Metairie, former President of Lorient Agglomeration and Mayor of Lorient

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Départ de l’expédition Tara Pacific face au public de Lorient.
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