Ministry of National Education

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The Ministry of National Education and Youth is carrying out an important mission: Education for Sustainable Development

Our society today is faced with the serious challenges of climate change and destruction of biodiversity, involving complex scientific, economic, social and cultural interactions. A crossdisciplinary approach known as «Education for Sustainable Development» has become absolutely crucial. It is written into educational programs and is the subject of multiple projects in 60,000 secondary schools, as well as in elementary schools, throughout France.

This effort mobilizes teachers, advisors, students, and more than 250,000 «eco-delegates» around concrete and lasting pedagogical approaches that contribute to the overall development of school projects and educational orientation in French territories. It is included in the draft Agenda 2030 and the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Education for Sustainable Development relies on a network of scientific partners in constant
dialogue with teachers and students, particularly in participatory science projects. The Tara Ocean Foundation is one of these major partners, linked to the Ministry by a 3-year agreement.

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