Prince Albert II of Monaco : Tara teaches us how to love the sea

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Created in June 2006, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation works for the protection of the environment and sustainable development of our planet.

A partner of the Tara Ocean Foundation since 2007, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is particularly active in developing and strengthening Marine Protected Areas, supporting polar projects, and fighting against plastic pollution. It also joined with the Tara Ocean Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe and the Mava Foundation in launching the initiative Beyond Plastic Med (on March 10, 2015) to encourage innovative and citizen-based solutions in the fight against plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

On the occasion of the 2017 “Our Ocean” conference organized by the European Commission in Malta on October 5-6, 2017, an agreement was signed between Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Monaco Scientific Center and Tara Ocean Foundation for Monaco Explorations. This agreement aims to pool scientific approaches and harmonize data collected on coral and planktonic ecosystems between Tara expeditions and Monaco Explorations. We intend to ensure a continuity in scientific oceanographic research, initiated by the Tara Oceans and Tara Pacific consortia. A strong partnership between Tara and Monaco Explorations has been outlined through 2020-2021.