30 years of history, innovation, and field experience for marine navigation software, make MaxSea the leader for sailors and professionals at sea in France and worldwide. TIMEZERO, its master solution, boasts a proven powerful technology that was developed with a unique vision allowing for continuous innovation. On PC, iPad and iPhone, TIMEZERO software was developed to answer the needs of recreational and sport sailors as well as professionals. To ensure continuing relevance, MaxSea puts the utmost importance on collaborating with professionals leading in their respective industries to put TIMEZERO software to the test against the unique needs of each navigation type. With over 25,000 installations worldwide, TIMEZERO software is sold in 25 countries on 6 continents. Climate risks and changes in biodiversity are therefore at the heart of its concerns, to ensure that marine navigation remains an environmentally friendly and sustainable activity. It is in this common quest that its collaboration with the Tara Ocean Foundation takes on its full meaning, combining scientific and technological revolution to better understand the Ocean and contribute to making it a common responsibility.