Greenhouse effect

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10 août 2017

Greenhouse effect

“What is the greenhouse effect?”

Many gases in the earth’s atmosphere allow us to live with a good temperature and protect us. Yet, the rise of the concentration of some of these gases causes climatic changes. This experiment will help you understand the phenomenon.


Niveau : Lycée (15-18ans), Cycle 4 (11-15ans), Cycle 3 (8-11ans), Cycle 2 (6-8ans)

Type : Expériences scientifiques

Thématique : Océan/Climat

Expéditions : 2006/2008 - Tara Arctic, 2009/2012 - Tara Oceans, 2013 - Tara Oceans Polar Circle, 2014 - Tara Mediterranée

Disciplines : Anglais, Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre